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Promise Gap Survey Results

Survey Background

  • In an attempt to ensure consistent and excellent customer service, a survey was sent to 250 Ducati Insurance customers to discover their individual opinions on the service provided.

  • The questionnaire consisted of three questions covering the aspects of customer expectations versus experience. To view the survey template click here

  • The respondents were chosen at random, with no preference to age, gender, or any other demographic grouping.
Survey Results

No. of Respondents Expectation (out of 5) Experience (out of 5) Promise Gap
(Experience - Expectation)
Promise Gap Difference (%)
67 3.52 4.13 0.61 17.3%

Promise 1 Promise 2


"The service and staff were far more helpful. I won't ever use anyone else and have recommended you to a lot of friends"

"Efficiency and speed of delivery of paperwork. Very efficient and straightforward"

"Very good staff. Know what they are talking about. Very prompt service. Documents next day"

Summary of Results

  • 49% of Ducati Insurance customers obtained a higher experience than they expected prior to purchase, with only 10.4% believing their expectations were not met.

  • Ducati Insurance is delivering a 17.3% better experience to customers than the perceived expectation offered by the brand.

  • These results highlight that Ducati Insurance is performing above customer and industry expectations.

If you didn't receive the survey by post and would like your view on the service provided by Ducati Insurance, please fill out the Promise Gap Survey.
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